Will the work Christmas party cost you your job?

The worst office party fails

Office Christmas party

With the office Christmas party season in full swing, it's worth remembering how things can go badly wrong.

A survey from Cotton Traders has revealed that more than a quarter of people reckon they get too drunk at the office do, one in six has kissed a colleague, and one in 14 has even had sex.

And, as a result of these shenanigans, around 1 in 25 say that they've been disciplined.

The bad news is that you can legally be fired for bad behaviour at the official office Christmas party, as it's seen as a 'work context'.

"If it is an employer-organised event, then the employer can take disciplinary action against any employee who misconducts himself at the event," advise solicitors PJH Law.

"If it is an employee-organised event, then the issues become a bit more blurred. Employers can take action if employees misconduct themselves at events they have organised themselves, provided either that the misconduct impacts on the working relationships or the misconduct brings the employer into disrepute."

How to get the office Christmas party badly wrong

But some office party fails are truly spectacular - here are a few of our favourites.

"One of my coworkers got too drunk and didn't know he made out with the boss's daughter and got fired the next day (Twitter)

Enjoy the Christmas party season without breaking the bank

"I popped a bottle of champagne and hit a waitress in the eye with the cork, totally by mistake, it rebounded off the roof. I was already three bottles of wine in at that point so rather than apologise, I laughed and crowed about how awesome and perfect a shot it was." (Reddit)

"Fell over right in front of my boss taking him down with me and at the same time soaking him with my drink." (Cotton Traders)

"A coworker was so drunk, our boss said to get her out. We put her in a cab. She got out at the next street and came back." (Twitter)

"I fainted and vomited all over myself and a solicitor's shoes after the turkey dinner and one drink. It was home in a cab after that for me. " (Reddit)

"Stole and hid the awards from an Awards Ceremony!" (Cotton Traders)

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"Brought what I thought were funny bears, but were in fact gummy penises left over from a bridal shower." (Twitter)

"One of the managers brought brownies and the director of operations (let's call him Jack) was the first to try them as we were setting up the food table. About half an hour later, as we were finishing up, Jack starts giggling and talking about how tall he feels. The guy that brought the brownies grabbed the wrong plate as he left the house and accidentally brought pot brownies." (Reddit)

"Ever been so drunk you've done a striptease? I have, and am no longer employed there." (Twitter)

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