Christmas gift ideas for kids

Christmas gift ideas for kids
Christmas gift ideas for kids

If you're stuck for gift ideas for kids this Christmas, then the good news is that a number of toy shops have released their recommendations, and there's plenty to choose from - for all ages. There's the must-have toy for 2016, a couple of fantastic film tie ins, and two games that all the family can enjoy.

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The popular gifts are a great place to start, but if you want to get the best presents this Christmas, there are a few approaches that are guaranteed to ensure you buy the right thing this year.

1. Ask their parents for a suggestion
It may seem like cheating, but most children produce enormous lists containing far too much for their parents ever to be able to afford. If you ask for tips, not only will you get something that the kids like, but you'll take a weight off their parents too.

2. Don't ask too early
Some children know exactly they want, and are unwavering. However, most will change their mind several times between the first lists in October and the week before Christmas. If you can bear to leave things until the last couple of weeks, you are likely to be able to help out with the last-minute items added to the list.

3. Don't be afraid of a gift certificate
It may not seem terribly thoughtful, but when children aren't used to having more than a couple of pounds to spend, giving them £10 or £20 to spend in a toy shop or games shop will bring them far more joy than you could ever expect.

4. Give to charity in their name
It sounds like a risky choice, but all sorts of charities make it onto the radar for children of all ages. The big ones like Children in Need and Comic Relief will strike a chord if they have ever seen any of the programmes. They will have seen hundreds of adverts about adopting an animal and getting a cuddly toy, and possibly some of those about helping child refugees. It's a great way to help them understand about generosity - and it helps if there's a cuddly toy as part of the deal.

5. Buy them a comic or magazine subscription
This will bring an enormous amount of joy to their parents, because not only will it encourage them to read, but will also reduce pester power in the supermarket by roughly 80% if they already have a magazine at home. As long as it's a fun read, it'll put a smile on the kids' faces too.