The Weeknd: Drugs were a crutch

Singer The Weeknd has opened up about his "heavy" use of drugs.

In a revealing interview the Ethopian-Canadian R'n'B star admitted "drugs were a crutch" when he first started making music.

The 26-year-old, real name Abel Tesfaye, made the comments in an interview with The Guardian.

The Weeknd
(Matt Sayles/AP)

He said: "When I had nothing to do but make music, it was very heavy.

"There were songs on my first record that were seven minutes long, rambling - whatever thoughts I was having when I was under the influence at the time. I can't see myself doing that now."

"Even on this new album. You have writer's block. And sometimes you're like, I can't do this sober."

The Weeknd, whose track Starboy references cocaine use, last month released his album of the same name which includes collaborations with Kendrick Lamar and Daft Punk.

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