Good Samaritan motorcyclist gets revenge on ungrateful driver

A motorcyclist who attempted to return a driver's lost wallet and was rudely rebutted immediately got his own back.

The biker had already been cut up by the car when it exited a petrol station in front of him, but when he noticed the driver's wallet fall from the vehicle he retrieved it from the road and gave chase.
However, the Hyundai driver misinterpreted the kind-hearted gesture and as the rider pulled alongside swore at him.

Eventually the biker managed to grab the man's attention by waving his wallet at him, and, suddenly interested, the driver pulled over.

"Thank you so much bruv," the driver says, as he reaches across for the wallet, as the biker throws it into his car.

"Yeah?" the rider replies, leaning across to pick-up the driver's phone, which had also been left on the roof, but hadn't fallen off. As the driver puts his hand out for the phone, the biker flicks it up into the air and lets it fall to the floor, before speeding off.

Footage of the incident, which occurred somewhere in England, was caught on the biker's helmet cam and has since been shared online.

While the date of the incident is unknown, it appears to have taken place in the summer, due to the rider's lack of gloves.
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