The Faroe Islands: Why you should put them on your bucket list

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The Faroe Islands may be just a short flight from the UK, but they're way off the radar for most travellers.

Which is strange, because these dramatic north Atlantic gems boast incredible scenery: think boast stark moorlands, plunging cliffs, foggy landscapes, grass-roofed wooden churches and layer-cake mountains.

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The unpredictable climate here means you need to go prepared for all meteorological eventualities - but if you're a keen walker or (think birdwatcher puffins, dive-bombing skuas and fulmars), this is definitely one for your bucket list: it's one of the few places left in the world that remain unravaged by tourism.

Streymoy is the biggest island of the group, is home to the capital Tórshavn, as well as the awe-inspiring bird cliffs of Vestmanna.

The Southern Islands may be less dramatic in terms of landscape, but islands such as Suðuroy are appealingly low on tourists and high on friendliness.

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