Fare dodger leaps barrier behind transport minister

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Fare dodger leaps barrier behind transport minister
Fare dodger leaps barrier behind transport minister

This is the moment a passenger leaps over the barrier at a train station to avoid paying fares - while a minister discusses fare dodging.

Australian Transport minister Andrew Constance was speaking to broadcasters 9news in Sydney about the cost of people avoiding paying for tickets.

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While he is talking, the passenger can clearly be seen leap-frogging the barrier in the background.

Despite the fact that the number of fare evaders has reportedly halved since 2012, the TV report still states that it is a problem costing the transport system $50 million (£29m) in just six months.

In his interview, Mr Constance says: "The new electronic system does mean that we are going to obviously catch up with those who are doing the wrong thing.

"If you are going to jump ticket barriers and not pay your way, all you are doing is denying others better services."

Sadly his words seem to fall on deaf ears as the passenger in the background of the interview shamelessly jumps the small electronic barrier.

Around him, other passengers don't seem remotely phased.

The rise in fare evasion reportedly coincides with the phasing out of paper tickets in the New South Wales city, with confusion thought to be the main reason people aren't paying.

Passengers carrying Opal cards, Sydney's Oyster equivalent, could face a $200 (£118m) charge for not tapping in.