Viewers could not get over the insanely dramatic ending of The Missing

In the dramatic finale of The Missing, Sam and Gemma finally caught up with Adam Getrick and were ready to confront the creep over his abduction of their daughter Alice - but it didn't exactly go as planned.

Sam was shot by Adam which was very traumatic for viewers.

Though at first, it all seemed worth it because it meant Adam was finally caught and justice could begin to be served, while the Webster family could all be reunited at last.

alice hugs her mum in the show (Screengrab/BBC)

Except it wasn't quite as happy as that - one of the final scenes was at a funeral and viewers quickly realised that it was Sam's and his shot had been fatal.

funeral scene (Screengrab/BBC)

And then to top it all off, everyone's favourite investigator Julien Baptiste was lay on the operating table and was counting down from 10, as instructed by his surgeons, but the screen cut to black when he got to three.

baptiste on the operating table (Screengrab/BBC)

What does it mean?!

We like this theory ...

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