Rudd warns over threat of 'increasingly sophisticated' far right extremists


Home Secretary Amber Rudd has warned of the heightened terror threat posed by "increasingly sophisticated" far right extremists in the wake of the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox.

Addressing a UK-Israel conference in Westminster, Ms Rudd said the Government's Channel initiative aimed at turning around people in danger of being radicalised and recruited by extremist groups was working.

"Earlier this year we saw the shocking and senseless murder of my parliamentary colleague Jo Cox in her own constituency by the far right extremist Thomas Mair.

"This demonstrated the evil of far right extremism, and the acts of terrorism.

"And we know that the far right, and extreme right wing groups, have become increasingly sophisticated in the use of social media for promotion and for recruitment.

"And we have seen that currently around a quarter of the cases getting support through Channel, part of our Prevent programme, are for extreme right wing radicalisation.

"As Home Secretary, I am absolutely determined that we challenge extremism in all its forms and the terrible damage it can cause to individuals, families and communities.

"I am clear that we can only effectively challenge hatred and division by working together, not just internationally, but at home - Government, police, local people and organisations."

Neo-Nazi Mair was handed a whole-life sentence at the Old Bailey last week for the murder of 41-year-old mother-of-two Mrs Cox.