Homeless pensioner living in car to avoid 'bothering family'

Homeless pensioner living in car to avoid 'bothering family'

A vulnerable 66-year-old pensioner has been living in her car because she doesn't "want to bother her family".

The woman, only known by Susan, has been sleeping inside the vehicle with no heat because she can't afford the petrol to keep the car engine on.

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Concern was raised by a couple running a nearby cafe who saw her picking up litter and washing council signs in the lay-by where she is staying in Gloucestershire.

The pair said they had been providing free food and drink for the woman, as well as allowing her to wash in their facility, for 10 days.

"We're both worried about her. The temperature is dropping and she's in her car," they told Gloucester Live .

But Susan has reportedly insisted that she is warm as she has a sleeping bag and said she was "not worried" because as soon as she has her pension money she will buy fuel and leave.

She said she was waiting to find a mooring for a house boat she owned and had in storage in Portsmouth.

Asked why she was living in her car in a lay-by, she said it was because she did not want to bother her family members in Shropshire.

She said: "I feel perfectly safe. I've been here for about six days.

"Wherever I can get a mooring, that's where I'm going to live. I'm trying to get in somewhere before Christmas.

"I'm moving. That's all.

"I'm absolutely fine. I've never known such a fuss."

Gloucestershire County Council said its social services department was looking into the matter.

A spokeswoman for the council said: "We're aware of this lady's situation and our officers are out talking to her to determine if there is any support that she needs, either from us or our partners."

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