England and Wales just shivered through the coldest night of the season

Temperatures fell to minus9.4C


Britain Wakes Up To Sub Zero Temperatures

With meteorological winter about to start, England and Wales have experienced the coldest night of the season, with temperatures plunging as low as minus 9.4C.

The chilliest reading was in the village of Sennybridge, Powys, on Wednesday morning, marking the lowest November figure since 2010.


Meteorologists also measured a temperature of minus 8.5C in Benson, Oxfordshire.

The Met Office is expecting slightly less chilly evenings for Wednesday onwards as clouds move down from Scotland, but the colder temperatures are likely to return at the weekend and some areas could still get a fair amount of frost, meteorologist Sophie Yeomans said.

(Alastair Grant/AP)

In true British fashion, the cold is all any of us can talk about.

It's a pretty good excuse to stay indoors.

But then again, it is pretty beautiful outside.

Cold weather
(Steve Parsons/PA)

Cold weather(Steve Parsons/PA)

So maybe it's not so bad after all. As long as you don't forget a hat and gloves.