Failed karter shows how not to kart

Karting is really quite simple. You press the accelerator to go faster and the brake to slow down.

The woman in the hilarious clip below clearly got the two confused, though, as she careered straight through a corner and into a tyre barrier at high speed.
The clip, which appears to have been filmed in Macedonia, begins in a fairly relaxed manner, showing the driver with the camera slowly getting up to speed at the start of a karting session. After a track employee starts the kart, he begins weaving from side to side to get heat into his tyres to gain extra grip before going flat out.

A fellow racer has no such tactics. As the driver with the camera begins to turn into the first corner, a kart flies up the inside at high speed and crashes headlong into the tyre barrier.

He goes to check on the woman, who appears to be unhurt. It's unclear whether she confused the brake and accelerator or was new to karting and panicked.

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