Abused slow lorises rescued from brutal pet traders

After a brutal kidnapping by illegal pet traders, two adorable baby slow lorises have finally found peace and comfort in each other's arms.

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See also: Slow loris rescued from animal market

At six to eight weeks old, Pasar and Warung were torn away from their mother in the Indonesian rainforest and stuffed into boxes ready to be sold in one of the notorious animal markets in Jakarta.

The traders had filed down the terrified animals' teeth because the endangered slow loris species has a gland inside its arm that secretes venom which the loris wipes on its teeth to create a poisonous bite.

ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2013
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ZSL Animal Photography Prize 2013

'This photograph shows a very young Egyptian gosling. I remember sitting on the bus coming back home looking through the photos I’d taken and this one made me smile; it’s exactly how I wanted it. It means lying in marsh type land being completely drenched wasn’t for nothing!' Danielle Connor

'I chose the Amur Leopard bearing its teeth as it demonstrates its fierce nature and alluring eye contact towards the viewer, the tight crop adds a dramatic feel and brings out the raw emotion of the leopard. Look further into the image and you are confronted with the animals beautiful markings, eyes and whiskers.' Jason Brown

'I picked this image because I've always been fascinated by frogs, but most people I know really dislike them. When I first saw the frog on the leaf, I thought about how cute it was and I wanted to capture that to show others how beautiful frogs are. I was also struck by the size of it: I could have easily fit it on my thumb as it was so small!' Bex Saunders

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