Ford develops side wind stabilisation technology

Anyone who has driven a high-sided vehicle during windy weather will know how scary and potentially dangerous a strong side wind can be.

That's why Ford has been working on new technology for such situations. It's now available on Transit commercial vehicles and is designed to help drivers stay in their lane when hit by a gust of wind.
Side wind stabilisation works by gently applying the brakes on one side of the vehicle to reduce the wind's effect on the van's trajectory.

Marc Suermann, chassis controls supervisor at Ford of Europe , said: "No-one likes that feeling when your vehicle gets caught by a wind gust, or you are passing close to a fast-moving truck.

"This new technology will help make motorway driving less stressful for Transit drivers, particularly on those dark and stormy winter days."

At speeds above 50mph, the system monitors stability sensors 100 times per second and can react to a gust of wind in 200 milliseconds.

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