Mysterious floating island discovered in Argentina

A mysterious island that rotates on its own has been discovered in Argentina.

The island is a near perfect circle and is 30 yards in diameter.

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New findings suggest that the circle not only rotates on its own axis but it also leans in various sectors on the wall of the outer circle that contains it.

Many believe the peculiar island is not a natural formation, with some conspiracists believing that it is an alien base.

Scientists say it has existed since at least 2003.

Islands in weird places
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Islands in weird places
The lake on Taal Volcano on the island of Luzon in the Philippines is where you will find Vulcan Point, the world's largest island within a lake on an island within a lake on an island. Volcano Island, where Vulcan Point is found in a crater lake, is the smallest active volcano in the world and its unexplained shape and location on an island within a lake within an island, makes it a unique geologic wonder.
Slap bang in the middle of Slovenia's picturesque Lake Bled lies a tiny island (and the country's only island), which is home to a pretty church with a long and diverse history. The lush greenery on Lake Bled's island, reached by pletna boat or hiring a rowboat, hides other interesting buildings, like the bell-tower, chaplain's house, provost's house, small hermitage and some mysterious legends.

It's easy to miss but Rome has an island right in the middle of the city. Isola Tiberina is the world's smallest inhabited island, about three football fields long. To get there, you cross Rome's oldest original bridge, not far from Capitoline Hill. Tiberina, while cute to stroll around, is home to a 10th-century basilica, fully operational hospital and annual film festival.

Victoria Falls is one of the world's natural wonders and among the most spectacular sights in Africa - and the best place to witness the immense mass of water is from the tiny Livingstone Island. Located in the middle of the Zambezi River on the edge of Victoria Falls just before a 103-metre drop, this island is not for the faint-hearted. Only 16 people can visit the island at a time and access to Livingstone depends on the water level. Aardvark Safaris a breathtaking lunch on the stunning island, where brave souls can stand at the edge of the falls.
You won't find monkeys on this small island in the River Thames but the hidden retreat in Bray, Berkshire is a lovely spot for a weekend getaway. Accessible by footbridge or boat, Monkey Island is surrounded by elegant gardens and offers 26 rooms for a unique island escape. It is located just 10 minutes from Windsor and less than an hour from central London.
This small man-made island off the Pacific coast of Mexico sits in a mangrove swamp. Mexcaltitan is said to be Aztlan, the home city and birthplace of the Aztecs, but today attracts tourists who visit the ancient island city by boat from La Batanza and is also a shrimping town, where shrimp are spread out to dry on any available surface in the town. Known as the 'Mexican Venice,' Mexcaltitan's streets flood during the rainy season turning them into canals.
Inchgarvie lies beneath Scotland's Forth Rail Bridge and in the days when boats were the only way to cross the Firth of Forth, it was on the main route between North Queensferry in Fife and South Queensferry in Lothian, making it strategically important. The uninhabited island under the bridge was inhabited from the late 15th century. On a boat tour of the Firth of Forth, visitors can see the remains of its 12th-century castle and wartime ruins.
Victoria Falls isn't the only waterfall with an island. At Iguazu Falls on the border of Argentina and Brazil, there are numerous islands along the 2.7km-long edge that divide the famous falls into separate waterfalls and cataracts, varying between 60 metres and 82 metres high. San Martin Island lies in the middle of Iguazu falls and is reachable by boat. Some steep walking up the island rewards visitors with breathtaking views of the falls.
One of two natural islands in the River Seine, Ile Saint Louis in Paris is connected to the rest of the City of Love by four bridges on both banks of the river. It was once used for the grazing of market cattle and stocking wood, but the island today is a peaceful oasis from the Paris's busy centre. Ile Saint Louis has just two narrow streets, two bus stops, hotels, shops and restaurants.
An island like no other, Tropical Island Paradise yacht offers the super rich the chance to have their own tropical island on a yacht. Created by the Yacht Island Design group, the stunning yacht boasts its own volcano and waterfall which feeds the swimming pool. The amazing portable island also features a helicopter landing pad, huge bar set behind a series of beach cabanas and a private beach cove - of course!

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