Contractors moved car to paint double yellow lines then dragged it back onto them and ticketed driver

Car on yellows

A man was left furious after his car was moved so double yellow lines could be painted - then moved back onto them and fined by a traffic warden.

Garage owner David Buckland had been parked in Partridge Road in Cardiff when council contractors came along to paint the lines.

Because his vehicle was in the way they painted up to its front tyres and then beyond its back wheels, Wales Online reported .

It meant there was a car-sized gap in the middle of the lines.


But a week later the contractors apparently returned – and dragged the vehicle, which had its handbrake applied, along the road to fill in the gap.

To add insult to injury 54-year-old Mr Buckland was then ticketed by a traffic warden.

"I can't believe they would do what they have done – and then give me a ticket," Mr Buckland added.
"They haven't asked me to move the car – I've had no contact, no letter, to ask me to move it.

"They have dragged it away and caused damage to the vehicle. It's unacceptable."

A Cardiff council spokesman agreed it had been unacceptable for the car to be moved by a contractor.

Car on lines

He said: "The double yellow lines that have been refreshed on this road have been re-painted by our contractor, following the existing lines being painted out illegally with black paint in April this year.

"The Traffic Regulation Order ensures that double yellow lines are placed on each side road to ensure that manoeuvres from Newport Road on to the side streets or vice versa can be carried out by motorists safely.

"If the car has been moved in this way it is unacceptable and we are taking up this matter with our contractor.

"All parking tickets can be appealed and there is process that has to be followed."


It is not the first time the authority has attracted yellow lines-related flak.

Earlier this year it defended lines painted on a stretch of Tarmac in Heath Park which is half as wide as the width of a typical family car.

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