Martin and Adam drink glass of fish eyeballs in latest jungle trial

TV stars Martin Roberts and Adam Thomas each had to drink a glass full of fish eyeballs in the latest stomach-churning challenge on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!

The unlucky duo also had to hold cockroaches, crickets and other jungle critters in their mouths as part of the terrifying Pick 'N' Critz bushtucker trial.

Presenters Ant and Dec informed the pair that they had to keep each creepy-crawly in their mouths for 30 seconds to secure a star, which represents a meal for the campers.

Emmerdale actor Adam was up first and chose a stick insect, but was gagging and screwing up his face in horror before he had even raised the creature to his lips, amusing Martin who called him "a drama queen".

Adam Thomas (ITV/REX/Shutterstock)
Adam Thomas (ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

However, the Homes Under The Hammer host looked a little more sober as he tentatively put a handful of cockroaches into his mouth, while Ant chuckled: "This is the quietest he's been in camp!"

During the gruelling trial, Adam managed to face the fear of spiders that had seen him seek hypnotherapy before he headed to Australia for the ITV reality series.

He had to choose between a water spider and a giant cockroach and decided picking the spider would help him conquer his phobia.

"Respect, holy cow, that is the challenge of the day," Martin enthused, as a grim-faced Adam tackled it.

Martin Roberts and Adam Thomas (ITV/REX/Shutterstock)
Martin Roberts and Adam Thomas (ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

But their joy was short-lived as Dec pointed out a gumball machine filled with fish eyes, telling the disgusted campers: "Your job is to squeeze the fish eyes in your mouth until they burst and empty the fluid from your mouth into a shot glass."

Afterwards they were told to take their glasses and sit down.

"Why do I need to take my shot glass?" asked Martin.

"All will be revealed," said Ant.

Adam realised what the presenters had in store and, shocked, asked them: "Are you having a laugh?"

"You've got one star left to earn and the way to do that is by downing the contents of your shot glass," said Ant.

Desperate to secure the maximum amount of meals for their teammates, both managed to down the horrendous drink as Ant and Dec looked on in amazement.

Elsewhere in the camp, talk turned to the contestants' famous connections.

Presenter and model Lisa Snowdon told the others she was good friends with Hollywood star Matt Damon, who appears in the Bourne movies.

Lisa - who once dated Damon's Ocean's Eleven co-star George Clooney - spilled the beans during a chat with comedian Joel Dommett about how hungry they were, as she suggested they pretended they were trying to slim down for film roles.

She said: "Like Matt Damon, he's always having to do extreme stuff. He's a friend of mine."

George Clooney and Lisa Snowdon (Kevork Djansezian AP/Press Association Images)
George Clooney and Lisa Snowdon (Kevork Djansezian AP/Press Association Images)

She continued: "I got really close to his wife when I was dating somebody else. He's a good dude, and we've stayed with him and stuff."

"When he goes on the extreme diet thing his workouts are insane and I just try and channel that kind of stuff," she added.

Martin piped up: "On a press junket Mark Wahlberg said he watched Homes Under The Hammer.

"And a friend of mine was a make-up artist on Skyfall and was doing Daniel Craig one day and Homes Under The Hammer was on the TV and a runner came in to change channels and he told the runner to leave it on saying he really liked it. So allegedly, and this is first hand, Daniel Craig really likes Homes Under The Hammer!"

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