Digging workmen find bear stuck in hole

Roshina Jowaheer

Construction workers in Turkey were shocked to hear a 'roar' before a bear emerged from a hole while digging at a site near a chicken farm.

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In a video shared on YouTube, labourers in the northwest province of Bolu are seen smashing a hole as the brown bear's paw comes out, followed by the rest of the huge animal, the Daily Star reports.

Once the bear emerges from the hole, it appears distressed and soon runs off into the forest.

Locals believe the bear fell in while eating chicken carcasses that have been thrown into the pit.

Resident Mehmet Yildiz told the Daily Mirror: "In the morning when a worker took the dead chickens into the pit, at that moment came a roaring sound."

Earlier this year, holidaymakers in California got a surprise when a family of bears emerged from the forest to play in the sea.

The mother and two cubs were seen frolicking at Pope Beach in Lake Tahoe in a beautiful but rather unusual scene, surrounded by human tourists.

Locals said it was not the first time they'd seen the family, but that it was unusual for them to emerge at such a busy time.

John Buis and Abbigale Forsman, who work for Kayak Tahoe, had seen them before. John said: "She just kind of moseys down with her cubs and they go for a little swim and play in the lake. It's really neat to watch.

"It was really neat to see them actually down by the water just hanging out with people. They were kind of in their own zone though. So it was one of those things where you ask people to keep their distance."