Windsor apologises after officials issued parking fines while delivering Queen's Christmas tree

Roshina Jowaheer
Windsor castle 3
Windsor castle 3

German officials have received an apology from the Royal Borough of Windsor after traffic wardens issued parking fines to delegates delivering a Christmas tree to the Queen.

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The tree was gifted to the Queen for her 90th birthday and places behind a statue of Queen Victoria next to Windsor Castle.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the delivery vehicles featured signs reading: "Christmas tree for the Queen."

The Royal Borough of Windsor cancelled the penalty notice and the council's Paul Roach told the Daily Mail: "I have spoken to colleagues in Germany and they are aware of the circumstances and that the guys were just doing their job."

A spokesman for the Royal Borough added: "Two vehicles connected with the Coburg delegation were mistakenly given penalty charge notices.

"The notices were cancelled as soon as it was brought to our attention that the vehicles had not breached parking permissions and the delegation were very understanding and have accepted our apologies."