Man survives 80ft cliff fall on way home from night out

Beach by Folkestone harbour. Kent. England

A man fell 80ft down a cliff in Folkestone, Kent, and spent two and a half hours clinging onto a branch after a night out.

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Mike Pearce had decided to take a walk along the 300ft-high cliffs at The Warren at around 1am last Saturday when started to head home and slipped, falling backwards down the cliff.

Metro reports that the 25-year-old managed to grab a branch and called his friends just before running out of battery with just three per cent left on his phone.

His friend alerted the emergency services before fire engines, an ambulance and police arrived at the scene.

According to the Daily Telegraph, he didn't call 999 because he knew he didn't have enough battery to explain exactly where he was and his friends knew the location.

Pearce was rescued at 4am after spending two and a half hours clinging to the branch.

He said it was the "scariest night of my life" and that he was lucky to just escape with cuts and bruises.

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