Sadiq Khan slams 'unacceptable' gender pay gap in London


London's Mayor has described the gender pay gap in the capital as "unacceptable" after he revealed figures showing differences of up to 35% between the pay of men and women in public organisations.

Sadiq Khan is calling on Greater London Authority (GLA) bodies to publish action plans to address the problem.

The figures showed no gender pay gap in the London Fire Brigade, 3.3% in the Mayor's office for crime and policing, 4.6% in the GLA, 11.6% in the Met Police, 19.2% in Transport for London and 35% in the London Legacy Development Corporation, which is dealing with post-London Olympics issues.

Mr Khan said: "It is clear from the data I have published today that we still have plenty of work to do to close the gender pay gap across the Greater London Authority and I will be working with all functional bodies to do everything we can to promote gender equality.

"It is unacceptable that in 2016 in London, the most progressive city in the world, that your gender determines how much you get paid and your career prospects.

"I have vowed to be a proud feminist at City Hall, and I will remove any barriers to women by adopting the highest possible standards for fair pay, good working conditions and gender equality.

"Clearly we all need to do much more to put our own houses in order. I am determined to lead by example and I hope businesses across the capital will follow suit as we strive to create a fairer society for all."

Sam Smethers, chief executive of the Fawcett Society, said: "The Mayor is setting the pace on closing the pay gap across the capital and that is to be welcomed. He also has the power to influence what other employers do and drive home the message that gender pay gap reporting is coming.

"But reporting the gap is the first step. We need to focus on an action plan to close it and we look forward to working with the Mayor's team to make this a reality."

The pay gap for all full-time workers in London is 11.9%, compared with 9.4% across the UK, Friday's report noted.