Black Friday morning after blues? What can you do?

Sarah Coles
Black Friday preparations
Black Friday preparations

Black Friday deals can be very tempting. It's easy to get carried away when you see discounts of anything up to 80% off. You might have popped on line to pick up one or two cheap Christmas presents, but somehow you have come away with a kitchen gadget you never knew you needed. Alternatively, you might have snapped up a fabulous deal, only to discover it wasn't anywhere near as fabulous as you thought. So what can you do?

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Changed your mind?

If you have changed your mind about an item, then your options depend on how you bought it. If you shopped in store, then if there's nothing wrong with the item itself, the store doesn't have to take it back. Retailers are, however, familiar with post-sales regret, and many of them will offer you a refund or exchange as long as you haven't opened the box - and assuming you have kept the receipt.

If you only realised that a low fat fryer was a bad idea when you saw it cluttering up the kitchen counter, your options are more limited: You can give it to someone for Christmas - and hope they don't spot what you've done. Alternatively, you can put it on eBay. Every year there are hundreds of eBay sales put up by people who got carried away. Some have attracted more traffic by making a joke of their mistake.

If you shopped online, then there's no need to panic, because you actually have better rights to a refund than if you bought in store. You get 14 days from when it is delivered to arrange to send it back and get a full refund.

Not a deal

There are plenty of people who wake up the day after Black Friday, and rather than being annoyed about what they have bought - they're furious about the price they paid for it. looked into some of the deals that were around on Black Friday, and discovered a number of them were cheaper elsewhere. These included a Barbie Pop Up Camper Playset, which was on offer at Tesco Direct for £99.99 - but at Smyths Toys for £64.99 - £38 cheaper. There was also the Nespresso by De'Longhi EN521 Lattissima and coffee machine in red on offer in Leekes for £149.999 but in for £119 - £30.99 cheaper. And there was a pink Furby Connect on offer in Argos for £79, but on sale in John Lewis for £59.00 - a saving of £20.

Even if you got the best deal on the day, it doesn't guarantee that the price won't drop over the next couple of weeks. Hannah Maundrell, editor in chief of says: "Don't assume you'll get the best deal by shopping this weekend, retailers will often knock even more money off in the lead up until Christmas."

You don't have to stay angry, however, because you can use the 'cooling off' period to your advantage.

If you leave your purchases in their original packaging, and keep all the paperwork, then you can keep your options open. Mandrill explains you can: "Keep an eye on the cost of your Black Friday bargains for a couple of weeks after the big day. If you find them cheaper elsewhere you can cancel your first order, get your cash back and buy it at the lower cost.