Here's what Scarlett Moffatt REALLY said about Tess Daly

As things are heating up in the I'm A Celebrity! jungle, an interview with Scarlett Moffatt has resurfaced in which she shared how much she ISN'T a fan of Tess Daly.

Not only that, but she said the Strictly presenter actually ruined the whole show for her and she tended to record it just so she could fast forward through the Tess bits.

...A policy that will make the programme pretty brief as the final looms with week 10 about to begin.

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Speaking to Heat Magazine back in April, the 26-year-old (who used to ballroom dance professionally, by the way) said: "There are only two people I really dislike: Tess Daly and Jamie Oliver.

"Tess totally ruins Strictly for me. I have to record it, so I can fast-forward through her."

She acknowledged the feelings may be mutual but she wasn't really "a***d".

Of all people in the public eye that you could feel a distaste for this year, her opinions about Tess might seem a bit strong.

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This is coming from the woman who also says her biggest crushes are Fred, the French maitre-d from First Dates, and physicist Stephen Hawking.

Scarlett impressed her audiences on Gogglebox and I'm a Celebrity! over the last months with a dramatic weight loss, which she revealed was encouraged by issues with self-consciousness.

Earlier this year she told the magazine: "I was so self-conscious and didn't smile until I was about 21. I got the veneers for my 18th birthday and a week before my 21st, I got fillers in my top lip."

She also added she was planning to get a breast reduction within the next two years because of back problems.

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