Russian restaurant starts serving 'rat burgers'

Rosie Vare
Russian restaurant has started serving rat burgers
Russian restaurant has started serving rat burgers

Russia is contributing the completely unexpected to world of food: The Rat Burger.

Apparently it's the season's latest foodie craze in Moscow, where Krasnodar Bistro is offering the vermin animals in burgers, hot dogs and stews.

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The river rats used is known as nutrias, a giant toothed rodent found in southern Russia. Talk about local ingredients!

According to The Guardian, the nutria is a clean herbivore that washes its food before eating it.

Tastewise the nutria burger is pale, juicy and fairly bland and tastes like rabbit.

And a big plus the chef says - it's very high in omega-3 acids.

The experience costs $8.60... Hungry yet?