Leicester City footballer crashes £190,000 Lamborghini

Leicester City defender and Ghanaian international Jeffery Schlupp crashed his black Lamborghini Huracan on the M1 motorway after sliding in difficult weather conditions.

The vehicle, worth £190,000, spun in heavy rain during Storm Angus on Monday morning and crashed into a tree on the embankment. Schlupp was uninjured in the incident while he was on his way to training.
The Huracan took the brunt of the force, suffering significant damage on the roof, front windscreen and right-hand side, as much of that side of the car was either dented or smashed.

Emergency services arrived on the scene quickly after the incident near Lutterworth, Leicestershire, but Schlupp didn't require any medical attention.

According to eyewitness reports, the footballer chatted with recovery men who were helping the stranded player and was heard making light of the situation from people who stopped at the crash site.

A fellow motorist who stopped at the side of the road told The Sun: "It was raining like hell and the road was very slippy. He was very lucky to have not been badly hurt or even killed.

"You could see the dent in the car is where his head would've been. Anyone taller I think would have copped it.

"It was a bad crash but I heard him chatting and he seemed quite cool and unfazed about the whole thing.

"It was just the clean-up crew who were there from the Highways Agency after the police and ambulance who were called out had gone.

"Jeff said to them, 'I ain't bothered. Just get the car recovered. Oh well, I've got three other cars to choose from.'"

Schlupp has the choice of a Range Rover Sport, a BMW i8 – which was gifted to him by Leicester City's owners following their 2015/16 Premier League title win – and a Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG.

Written by Jack Healy
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