Car turns in front of speeding cyclist

A disgruntled cyclist has posted a video on Twitter of a Volkswagen Polo turning in front of him, which he then crashed into.

The GoPro footage shows the silver hatchback driving away from the incident without checking the wellbeing of the stricken cyclist, who was left sprawling in the road.
Twitter user BrokenLegs posted the video on the social media site and it shows the cyclist using the allocated cycle lane before you see the Polo start to turn at the T-junction.

As the car slowly turns the corner, the cyclist tries to stop but hits the car at high speed, sending both him and his bike flying.

Bystanders asked the biker if he was okay, as the VW drives away without stopping to check on the cyclist.

BrokenLegs asked on the Twitter post whether the car could be identified so police could be informed of the hit and run culprit.

Written by Jack Healy
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