Naked man wanders onto London bus

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Naked man casually wonders onto London bus
Naked man casually wonders onto London bus

This video shows the moment a naked man tries to board a bus before the driver warns him away.

The clip was taken by the driver inside the cabin of the London bus, which is believed to be the N279 route from St Martin's Place.

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It shows the man walking in front of the vehicle with no clothes on, before wandering to the door and walking inside.

The shocked driver says: "Are you crazy? You not got no clothes on and the police is gonna arrest you."

She repeats: "The police is gonna arrest you."

But the man continues to walk around the bus before coming towards her and demanding money from her.

When she tells him she doesn't have his money, the man walks upstairs and shouts at passengers.

The driver is heard saying: "Oh my god a man has just got on my bus and he's naked."

Soon after, the man gets off the bus and walks away.