The UK's friendliest and unfriendliest cities revealed

River Ouse, York, England
River Ouse, York, England

York is the friendliest city in Britain with the best community spirit, a new survey has revealed.

The North Yorkshire city took the top spot as 42 per cent of people have a neighbour they could call for help if they lost a key.

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Yorkshire is 'better than Rome'

Compiled by Bisto, the list of most neighbourly cities includes Hull (2nd), Belfast (3rd), Derby (4th) and Plymouth (5th).

Wrexham took sixth place, followed by Newcastle, Swansea, Cardiff and Glasgow.

According to Minster FM, York also topped the list because a quarter of its residents engage in social activities in their neighbourhood or check in to help vulnerable neighbours.

Urban skyline
Urban skyline

Wolverhampton (pictured) was voted the worst city for community spirit, where just 16 per cent take part in neighbourhood activities and only 13 per cent offer help to their neighbours.

Portsmouth, Preston, Milton Keynes and Nottingham were also named as the worst UK cities.

Across the UK, the study of 4,000 residents, found that as a whole, community spirit in Britain is declining because 50 per cent of residents don't know their neighbours' names.

Dr Stephanie Alice Baker, a lecturer in Sociology at City, University of London who helped with the study, told The Sun: "Trust and friendship is generated by repeated, meaningful social interactions. To increase community spirit, we can start by taking the time to get to know those around us and engaging with them on a regular basis by simply saying hello or sharing a meal together."