Dashcam footage shows the moment car park row turns nasty

A woman was shocked by the response from a couple after she honked to make them aware she was approaching in her car.

The incident took place in a multi-storey car park in Australia and was caught on the driver's dashcam. It begins with a couple walking down the middle of the roadway with the car driving behind. As the woman is forced to slow down because the pedestrians are blocking her path, she gives a honk of her horn.
At this point the man becomes aggressive and an argument breaks out. The driver calls him a 'rude pig' and he responds by standing in front of the car to block her path as she continues through the carpark.

Undeterred she proceeds to drive on but knocks him and he begins to kick the front bumper of her car. She has the last laugh, though, as this results in him falling backwards onto the ground.

Click play on the video below to see for yourself.

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