Dallas star Linda Gray makes her Hollyoaks debut and fans have already fallen in love with her

Dallas star Linda Gray made her Hollyoaks debut as character Tabby Maxwell-Brown after being summoned from LA to Chester by her daughter Marnie Nightingale.

Linda, best known for her role as Sue Ellen Ewing in Dallas, excited fans with her glamourous entrance, and was every bit bold and sassy as they'd hoped.

Marnie invited her mother to The Dog in the hopes she would give them the cash to help alleviate the family from its financial problems - though that's easier said than done.

While she tried to avoid the inevitable conversation, Marnie could not escape the grilling from her mother, who demanded why she chose to reconcile with cheating ex-husband Mac.

Linda Gray's character in Hollyoaks

Tabby's entrance may have been short and sweet, but judging by past performances, we're in for a treat - it is Linda Gray after all.

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