Driver films 'ghost girl' sitting on car speeding along busy road

A video purporting to show a girl sat on a speeding car has gone viral, with viewers claiming the figure is a ghost.

Eerie footage caught by photojournalist Powarit Katkul in the district of Huai Khwang in Bangkok, Thailand, shows a red car speeding along a road.
A shadowy figure, which appears to be a woman with long dark hair, sits on the boot, with her legs dangling off the back of the vehicle.

The figure moves only to point at the occupants of the vehicle, when she notices that she is being filmed.

Katkul told police that he spotted the bizarre scene on Rama IX road on Sunday at 6.30pm and that he 'couldn't believe his eyes'.

Investigations by the force into the vehicle's plate found it to have been cancelled by the Department of Land Transport, but previously registered to a brown Opel taxi.

The strange footage has been viewed almost three million times since it was shared online. Viewers have speculated on whether the figure is a ghost, as apparitions are feared and revered in the country's culture.

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