Driver caught on camera accidentally setting her car on fire

It's common knowledge that fuel and an open flame don't mix.

However, it appears that one driver didn't get the memo, and when she tried to inspect a petrol pump using a cigarette lighter, the inevitable happened.
Footage of the idiotic act shows the woman take a lighter from her pocket, glancing back at the petrol pump's display before illuminating it next to the hose, which is resting in her snow-covered Ford Focus.

Almost immediately flames leap from the pump, and when she frantically pulls it from the car, fuel spills to the ground and the flames spread.

The incident in Russia was caught on the dashcam of the car behind a couple of years ago, and caused a social media storm at the time.

The footage has now gone viral once again, reminding millions of motorists why not to expose fuel to a flame.

Russian media reported that the woman was not injured in the incident. However, her vehicle's paintwork was damaged. Her reason for using the lighter is unclear, but viewers have speculated that she was trying to melt some ice on the filler cap, or trying to see how full the tank was.

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