Brit wins more than £100,000 on Trump bet

Rosie Vare
Trump bet nets Brit £100,000
Trump bet nets Brit £100,000

While there's plenty of people who may have lost out by Donald Trump winning the presidency, there's one Brit who's made himself a small fortune.

Business man John Mappin spent around £20,000 on 33 bets at William Hill bookmakers throughout the duration of the US election.

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He said: "Well in truth, it was never about the money. I had been working with an information analysis system for many years and I was analysing the information that was coming out of America when Mr Trump announced for presidency.

"And I knew within a few hours that he was going to win, I was absolutely certain."

Mappin described Trump running for office and him placing a bet as a 'humanitarian effort'.

He said: "I suppose really who I have to thank for this is Mr Trump himself himself, I mean, I just think he's done the most incredibly noble action.

"I mean, he took so much incoming flack for a year and a half and he has done a service to this world, in my view. It's historic. I don't think anything has happened in America like this since 1776."

Mappin says he's excited about the prospect of America being friends with Russia

"I've always known that you can be friends with Russians and I think it heralds a whole new area of peace in the world."