Van driver causes havoc in multi-storey car park

A hapless Ford Transit driver has been caught on camera wreaking havoc in a multi-storey car park in Scotland.

The incident took place in the Glasgow Harbour Terrace car park, which has a 2.3m height restriction.
A Ford Transit is actually 20cm higher than that, but it is believed that because the driver had been carrying furniture when they arrived, the suspension was lower and they were able to get in. After unloading, the van returned to its original height, causing it to hit the roof.

The video captures the Transit driver scraping along the roof of the car park as it reverses out of a space, before driving into multiple pipes, breaking one and sending water gushing on to the concrete below.

The car park management company said the driver had come forward to admit what had happened, with repairs covered on their insurance.

Shocking video shows van driver create havoc in car park from SWD Media on Vimeo.

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