Two Electors make last-ditch attempt to prevent Trump taking office

President Obama visits Walter Reed Army Medical Center - Washington
President Obama visits Walter Reed Army Medical Center - Washington

Two electors have made the bold attempt to prevent Trump from ever assuming office on January the 20th. The pair from Washington and Colorado, are asking Republican members of America's Electoral College to switch their votes - preventing Donald Trump being endorsed by a vote of Congress.

The Electoral College was specifically designed by America's Founding Fathers to prevent the possibility of an unsuitable candidate winning an election on the basis of deception or if they pose a danger to the office. While it's not unknown for an elector to change their vote, few have done so historically, and none have ever so far blocked the path of a president-elect to the Oval Office.

Even if the Electoral College did decide to stop Trump taking office it wouldn't mean that Hillary Clinton would assume the presidency either.

The Democrate Electors are not asking delegates to back Hillary Clinton but cast their vote for another Republican. The Electoral College has come in for sharpe criticism after Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, gaining two million more ballots than Trump, only to go on to lose the election.

A petition has already been set up urging Electors to uphold the popular vote by not endorsing Trump. While the move would be constitutional, many experts think it unlikely as it would split Republicans and an already fractious nation.

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