Cow escapes ship and jumps into sea

Rosie Vare
Cow jumps into sea
Cow jumps into sea

This cow turned into a triathlete after escaping or falling off a live exports ship, swimming through the water, and running through town before finally being captured, according to an Australian news site.

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The cow was seen swimming in the ocean off Fremantle Port in Western Australia.

Fremantle Sea Rescue was on the case, with a GoPro in hand, as rescuers tried to steer the cow to move to the nearest beach.

The team is used to performing some blockbuster movie-style rescues, so a cow should be the least of their worries. Not quite.

They were able to corral the cow to the rocky shore, but before everyone knew it the cow had made it onto the land, walking along the road.

Mashable reports the cow was running wild along South Beach, and actually managed to hide from rangers for nearly 24 hours.

The party was over the next day. More than three miles away, the cow was tracked down and rounded up.