Charlotte Church and Piers Morgan throw insults at each other in new feud

There is no love lost between Charlotte Church and Piers Morgan, as the two outspoken stars have reignited an old, long-standing feud on Twitter.

It all started, again, when singer Charlotte revealed her ire over the journalist and Good Morning Britain presenter in an interview with Vice magazine.

She was asked who she thinks is the "worst person on Twitter", to which she replied: "Piers Morgan is a complete f***ing t**t.

Charlotte Church
Charlotte Church (Anthony Devlin/PA Wire/PA Images)

"It's what I was just talking about. He think it's OK to spout a load of venomous, hateful things, which he then tries to back up with statistics. I really, really don't like Piers Morgan."

She added: "And also, through that whole hacking thing, he got away with murder. I just think he's a bit of a heinous human being."

The magazine's official Twitter account shared her interview and highlighted the Piers element in their online missive, which was picked up by the keen-eyed man himself, although he wasn't tagged in it.

He retweeted it and fired back: "Oh no, @charlottechurch - this is devastating! I've always craved the support of whiny, gobby, foul-mouthed, dimwit D-list has-beens."

Not taking such a battering, the Welsh singer and activist replied: "@piersmorgan @VICEUK I have legitimate gripes with your behaviour leading me to call you 'heinous', all you can throw back are petty insults."

This is not the first time Charlotte, 30, and Piers, 51, have traded barbs: in 2014, the former child star called the ex-newspaper editor a p***k in an interview.

Piers Morgan
Piers Morgan (Ian West/PA Wire/PA Images)

In a chat with Stylist magazine, she said: "I remember interviewing Piers Morgan [then editor of the Daily Mirror] when I was 17 for the Oxford Union and he was such a pr*ck.

"His argument basically centred around, 'You're rich, you're making money out of this, who the f*** are you to question it?'

"I was like, 'I hate you!' I wanted to storm out and it took all my strength not to, and in that talk he basically told me about phone hacking and everything."

Piers hit back, replying: "I actually enjoyed meeting you @charlottechurch - you just weren't the brightest bulb in the box. In fact, ANY box."

Earlier this year, once again, there were words between the pair on social media when Charlotte tweeted about politics - one of her passions - following the Brexit vote.

After getting trolled somewhat, Charlotte wrote: "A lot of hate on here today. I understand that this is a very divisive time but I'm shocked at the level of and type of abuse I've had today."

Piers responded: "Says a woman who's spent the last few days calling politicians 'bastards' & 'pieces of s**t'."

Charlotte hit back: "@piersmorgan You should be prosecuted for phone hacking Piers so kindly keep your Pinocchio snout out of my business."

Ding ding, round three, or four, or five hundred?

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