Watch Sebastien Vettel go for a quick blast in the LaFerrari Aperta

Being a Formula 1 driver must be a pretty incredible job, but being a Formula 1 driver at Ferrari must be even more special.

That's because aside from driving for a team with the kind of heritage most other companies could only dream of, you also get first-hand access to its fleet of unbelievable road cars.
Four-time F1 world champion Sebastien Vettel demonstrates this fact in this promotional video in which he gets to drive the new LaFerrari Aperta. That translates as 'open' in Italian, and is the name for the hypercar's convertible version.

In the video you get to hear the wonderful aggression of the V12 engine and see just how fast it accelerates thanks to an electric motor assisting the old school powerplant.

Seeing Ferrari race cars from days gone-by in reflections as Vettel passes windows – and a tanker – is a nice touch, too.

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