This adorable twin had a mini-meltdown after finding out her sister is a minute older than her

A pair of adorable sisters have melted the hearts of thousands after having mini-meltdowns when learning of their differences.

The three-year-old twins, Ava and Alexis McClure, recently discovered that one sibling is a minute older, while the other is an inch taller.

When little Lexi learned sister Ava is one minute older than her, tears began to fall down her face as she said she wanted to be bigger.

Ava attempted to console her teary twin, while their mother also tried to soothe Lexi, assuring her neither sibling was bigger than the other and they were the same height.

The sisters hopped up to their feet to stand side by side, measuring themselves up against one another, only to find a weepy Lexi was in fact half an inch taller than Ava. Of course, this led Ava to burst into tears of her own.

The McClure twins
(The McClure Twins/YouTube)

The McClure family live in West Orange, New Jersey, and regularly share the twins' shenanigans on their YouTube channel, which has over 60,000 subscribers.

The adorable video has since gone viral, landing the McClure twins on the local news. Parents Justin and Ami captured the moment the siblings caught themselves on the TV and, as expected, it was super-cute.

McClure twins
(The McClure Twins/YouTube)

The twins can be found on Instagram and on YouTube.

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