Husband's romantic gesture hilariously backfires

They say chivalry is dead, but we have proof that there are people out there who are at least trying to be romantic – even if it does spectacularly backfire.

A user on popular link-sharing site Reddit uploaded an image of a note left attached to a sign in an unknown American town that explained an unfortunate love letter mishap.
The picture was uploaded by a user called KermitTheSnail, but it is unclear whether they wrote the original message.

The note, addressed to 'Ohio Ave neighbours', read: "I put a cute love note on what I thought was my wife's car last night.

"We figured out today that in my tired state, I had put this note on the wrong car.

"If this car happened to be yours, I apologise for the confusion. I am not in love with you. (Sorry.)'

The note prompted other users to speculate what motivated the failed romantic to write the explanation, with one person saying: "Can you imagine a suspicious spouse just randomly walking out and discovering this note? Would be annihilation for the other one."

Other users took the chance to reminisce about similar mishaps they've encountered. KingBTC said: "Someone did this to me and I received an unexpected love note. My girlfriend at the time accused me of cheating because it wasn't her note."

Another explained how they had sent a text saying "I love you" to a work colleague instead of their girlfriend, leading to a rather awkward conversation in the office!

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