Mercedes X-Class Concept almost production ready

The Mercedes-Benz X-Class Concept pick-up is "pretty much production ready," according to head of design Gorden Wagener.

First shown off at an event in Sweden in October, the new commercial vehicle displayed a modern and premium design that will be Mercedes' first entry into this sector for more than 20 years.
Unlike most concept designs which you may not see on the road at all, Wagener told Australia's "The overall design, proportions, this is pretty much production. We put on bigger tyres and stuff and little details like the winch and some jewellery for the show car, but pretty much it's what you'll get."

Displayed as both a 'stylish explorer' and a 'powerful adventurer', the pick-up will be sold in Europe, Australia, South Africa and Latin America, but Wagener says he got inspiration for this new model from the time he spent in America.

"The most beautiful pickups are always the old-school [Ford] F-150 and [Chevrolet] Silverado, the US pick-ups, that's the home ground," said Wagener, "I like them very much and it's a great source of inspiration.

"Of course it has to be different, it's more upper class, and it also targets more a lifestyle direction."

The X-Class was noted for having a high quality interior, similar to Mercedes's other road cars and Wagener noted that not many other vehicles in the sector do that.

"You've never seen a pickup with this kind of value and quality inside. We basically treat it like our passenger cars. It's above everything in the competition, aiming to deliver ambience far above everything else out there."

The X-Class is due to go on sale towards the end of 2017.

Mercedes X-Class Concept almost production ready
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Mercedes X-Class Concept almost production ready

Written by Jack Healy
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