Fisherman could make £2m from whale vomit he found in fishing net

Roshina Jowaheer
humpback whale  megaptera...
humpback whale megaptera...

A fisherman from Oman has found a very rare giant lump of whale vomit which could be worth over £2 million.

Khalid Al Sinani discovered the lump of ambergris, which weighs more than 60kg, while checking his nets off the coast of Qurayat.

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Speaking to local media, he said: "I was on his way back home when I smelt a horrible smell from a distance."

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When Khalid found the huge lump, he said: "I used ropes to gather it in and it weighed more than 60 kilograms, and my boat is only 20ft long."

Science Alert reports that ambergris is a waxy substance that comes from the whale stomach. It binds food and other objects that the whale cannot digest. It is then secreted in chunks through the mouth or excretion.

Speaking to Times of Oman, Khalid said: "We used a rope to collect it and carry it inside the boat. I was told earlier that ambergris has an icky smell, but after a couple of days it imparts a pleasant scent. We rushed back to the beach with joy and happiness."

Khalid has reportedly turned down offers of £21,000 per kilo from local perfumers and says he wants more for the rare substance.