Bodybuilder almost dies after being bitten by ladybird

A bodybuilder has revealed how he was given a 30 per cent chance of surviving after being bitten by a ladybird in Stoke-on-Trent.

Reza Rezamand, 31, was bitten by three of the bugs while going to the gym.

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After feeling unwell he drove to A&E where he was kept in overnight with sepsis.

The Sun reports that he was given 16 powerful antibiotics but his feet swelled to almost twice their size.

The father-of-one who recovered said: ""I was very lucky. I'll never touch a ladybird in my life again.

"The doctors said I had a one in three chance of dying so I'm relieved to be here."

It comes after reports of the larger than normal ladybirds believed to be carrying a dangerous sexually-transmitted infection invading UK homes.

One mum told of how her Essex home was covered in the giant Harlequin ladybirds.

Lisa Rump, 37, from Harlow, said: "I'd just pulled up on the driveway and my house was covered in hundreds of them.

"Now it's worse. There's swarms of them flying around and covering the windows and walls."

She added: "They are larger than normal ladybirds, some yellow, some red and some with loads of dots or just a few."

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