Is this a Fortnum's hamper - or something rather cheaper?

Emma Woollacott
One of Aldi's luxury hampers.
One of Aldi's luxury hampers.

If you want one of Fortnum & Mason's luxury Christmas hampers, you'll have to fork out somewhere between £55 and an eye-watering £6,000.

But if you want similar contents without the price tag - and aren't fussed about the F&M logo on the side - there is now a far cheaper alternative.

As part of its moves to woo middle-class shoppers, Aldi has launched its own line of hampers, with rather more pocket-friendly prices.

Top of the range is the Exquisite Hamper, costing £98.37. "We've hand-picked the very best – from tantalising chocolate truffles, award-winning wine, perfectly crumbly hand-made British crackers and the finest butter biscuits," says the firm.

It contains Exquisite All Butter Biscuit Tin, Exquisite Spelt and Chive Crackers, Exquisite Buttermilk Crackers, Exquisite Chocolate Truffles, Exquisite Raspberry Chocolate, Exquisite Blackcurrant Chocolate, Exquisite Sparkling Wine Chocolate, Exquisite Vintage Christmas Pudding, Blanc de Blancs Lot 13 Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, Lot 06 Priorat Garnacha and Beaune 2013.

Similar hampers from Fortnum & Mason's include the £225 Family Christmas Hamper, containing stem ginger shortbread fingers, champagne, port, two bottles of wine, Christmas pudding and truffles - along with after-dinner mints, party favours and even a trivia game.

Aldi's next most expensive hamper, at £97.98, is the Christmas Feast hamper. Along with Christmas puddings, truffles and savoury biscuits, it includes Kenyan coffee and drinking chocolate, and even a bottle of Veuve Monsigny Champagne.

There's also a £53.27 hamper, including chutneys and jams; and a £24.51 'treats' version, with crackers, chocolates and biscuits.

The cheapest hamper, the Chocolate Lover, comes in at under £20 and contains chocolate cream liqueur, chocolates, truffles and hot chocolate.

"Our gift boxes and Christmas hampers are just perfect for giving someone a little bit of a treat this Christmas," says the store. "We've got a wide range of options for all kinds of tastes, so you can be sure you'll find something they love."

It's not the first time that Aldi has taken on Fortnum & Mason - and with some success. Last year, it beat the swanky store in taste tests carried out by Good Housekeeping on several Christmas products. These included champagne, smoked salmon and mince pies.