'Husband nursery' opens in Chinese mall

Rosie Vare
Husband nursery opens in Chinese mall
Husband nursery opens in Chinese mall

Do you ever wish your husband wasn't hanging around behind you as you browse the shops?

Or maybe it's vice versa, you would rather your wife didn't take quite so long in the shopping centre?

Husbands and wives round the world will be pleased to know that the Chinese have come up with a novel solution to this popular problem.

A shopping mall in China has opened a new area for husbands and boyfriends who don't want to walk around the shops with their wives and girlfriends.

A, filmed in Shanghai last Friday, shows the 'husband nursery' which includes a massage chair, a shoe-cleaning machine as well as drinks and food.

There's also a TV and magazines on offer so your other half won't be bored stiff when waiting for you to finish off the last of the Christmas shopping.

Sadly there's no news on whether this unusual, yet handy, phenomenon will be coming to the UK anytime soon!

In the meantime we suggest you leave your other half at home when you hit the shops!