Giles' description of a Ferrero Rocher during Gogglebox divided viewers

Gogglebox returned on Friday night to the delight of viewers.

(Channel 4)

During the show, Giles - from everyone's favourite couple Mary and Giles - made a compelling remark about Ferrero Rocher chocolates.

"Basically Ferrero Rocher is just rice crispies dipped in chocolate."

An intriguing take on a snack usually considered a luxury and it certainly divided Twitter.

Some were proudly pro-Ferrero

Others thought Giles had made an astounding discovery

All in all it was a pretty hilarious take

Especially when he took it further and said the chocolates are good enough for "diplomats and you can pick them up in every garage".

And there was a serious point to his remarks.

Think of the shares!

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