Free DVD, free soup, free cocktail and free food


Are you cold, bored, hungry, or interested in a freebie? If so, then we have the freebies that can meet all your needs. From a free copy of Ice Age 4 Continental Drift to a free vodka cocktail, hearty soup, healthy superfood and a solution to how on earth you will pay for a trolley after the introduction of the new £1 coin.

Free Ice Age 4: Continental Drift
The users of have spotted that you can get a free copy of Ice Age 4 if you are a Sky customer. You just visit the Sky Store, buy it (it will show as being free), and then you can download it or get the DVD for free through the post. Be careful when you order though: Ice Age 5 is also available to pre-order, so is currently showing as £0. However, if you pre-order the wrong one, you will be charged when it comes out on DVD.

Free New Covent Garden Soup
This is a deal that pops up every now and again, and the users of have spotted that the New Covent Garden Soup deal is back. It is giving away free £1 vouchers, which can be redeemed against their soup at your nearest supermarket. The users also point out that at ASDA, cartons of New Covent Garden Soup currently cost only £1, so there's nothing extra to pay.

Free cauliflower rice
It has been the superfood trend of 2016, and you can give it a try for nothing. Cauliflower rice looks exactly like rice, and can be used in all the same dishes, but is made of cauliflower, so is low carb, low calorie, and very good for you. If you're not convinced by the idea, then Sainsbury's is offering the chance to try it for free. Just add it to your online shop, then enter the code FREERICE at the checkout, and the price will be taken off the total.

Free cocktail
If you're planning a night out, then you may as well have the first drink on the house. Pitcher & Piano is giving away one free Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz cocktail to everyone who signs up for the monthly newsletter. The deal will run until 30 November. If that doesn't appeal, then anyone who buys a burger at the chain will also get a free bottle of Blue Moon ale. To take advantage of either, simply register online, and then show your voucher when you order.

Free trolley keyring
If you regularly forget £1 for a trolley at the supermarket, then it's well worth getting your hands on a free Nectar trolley token, designed to act as a keyring so you never forget it. After the introduction of the new £1 coin, these will prove invaluable. According to the users of, you can get yours free in any Sainsbury's store. Just ask at the customer service counter.

Top ten facts about Black Friday
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Top ten facts about Black Friday
Black Friday originated in the USA in 1950s/1960s and takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving. 
Black Friday was brought over to the UK by Asda in 2010, part of the Walmart group.
However in 2015 the supermarket didn't take part in the event and it hasn't been confirmed if they will be launching any Black Friday sales in 2016. 
In 2015 the average spend instore was £41 while the average amount spent my customers online was £92. 
On Black Friday in 2015 £1.1 billion was spent and there was £3.3 billion spent over the weekend as a whole, including Cyber Monday.  
A staggering 1.4 million people went into debt as a result of their spending on Black Friday in 2015. 
When surveyed, 22% of Brits admitted to having bought something on Black Friday through the years. 
Is Black Friday on it's way out in the USA? Controversially Walmart opened their doors on Thanksgiving evening in 2011 and have done since then. Other stores have started to follow suit, potentially marking the end of the popular discount day.

There is some suggestion the day got its name to represent the first day shops went 'into the black' and made a profit, but there's not hard and fast evidence to support this.

This year Black Friday will take place on 25 November. Find out everything you need to know about deals, discounts and which shops are taking part here.

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