Secrets of Disney theme park staff revealed

Disney workers reveal secrets of the park

Disney is a land full of mystery and, as fun as it is to bask in the magic, sometimes you just want to get the dirt.

And the employees are spilling the beans - or rather the "cast members," because secret number one, according to TrendChaser, is that employees must always be in character.

They even have a secret language.

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The site says "going backstage" means a guest has wandered somewhere off limits... And if a cast member tells you, "Have a Disney Day!" you've probably annoyed them in some way - because, apparently, they only say that to rude customers.

The cast members also allegedly have to meet physical requirements. Princesses have to be between 5ft4 and 5ft8 and men must be clean shaven. And of course, no crazy piercings or tattoos allowed.

The Mirror reports that Disney will never turn the music off. If that happens, it means there is a real emergency... so listen up.

If you can handle these rule and still want to work at Disney, remember, "If you can dream it, you can do it!"

How to do Disney on a budget
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How to do Disney on a budget

If you are staying at a Disney resort, take advantage of the Magical Express Transportation shuttle service, which is complimentary to and from your hotel/Orlando International Airport.

Travelling with children under the age of three? They get free admission to all Walt Disney World parks. If you're not taking your own buggy, it can be cheaper to pay for your buggy hire in one go ($13 for multiple days instead of $15 for single days) – or even consider buying a cheap buggy.

Eating healthily at the parks doesn't have to be expensive – for example, you can buy apples, pears and oranges for just 85 cents. And the ever popular giant turkey legs (which go a looong way and are made for sharing) are around $9.

Take water bottles so you can fill up at the fountains in the parks and save money on buying soft drinks which will quickly mount up in the Florida heat. If you're staying at a Disney resort, buy the refillable cup ($5.95 to $9.95) and then your soft drinks, tea and coffee will be free at your hotel.

Make sure you have a big breakfast to set you up for the day and take your own snacks and drinks into the park – there are absolutely no restrictions on doing this. Tom Sawyer's Island in Magic Kingdom is a relaxing place to stop and have a picnic.

Consider staying at a Disney value resort – choose from the Pop Century Resort and the three All-Star resorts. Rooms start at just £19 per person per night (based on four sharing), and you get all the benefits of staying at a Disney hotel, including Disney's Extra Magic Hours giving you more time to enjoy the parks before the crowds start arriving and free use of the transportation system (including the boat, monorail and bus).

For an inexpensive souvenir your kids will want to keep forever, get them an autograph book (around $6) and then they can collect characters' signatures as you walk around the park. And if you're going to give them some spending money, set a limit, and stick to it – they'll have fun working out what to buy with their US dollars and it will teach them how to budget, too.

Book your holiday as early as possible to get the best savings. For example, if you book for 2013 now (by 20 June), you get extras including dining for free for the duration of your stay, $200 spending money and a 14 day ticket for the price of seven.

The longer you stay, the less you pay - a multi-day ticket works out cheaper than buying individual day passes. Not only does your entry ticket give you admission to all the rides, but the parades and fireworks are included as well, making it great value for money. You can find out more info about ticket options here

The Disney Dining Plan is an easy way to budget for food during your stay. There are different packages available, saving you up to 40 per cent of the cost of meals, and you can choose from over 100 different restaurants.

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