Bear held in roadside zoo for 10 years is finally released

Rosie Vare
Bear held in roadside zoo is finally freed
Bear held in roadside zoo is finally freed

A bear has taken her first steps toward freedom after 10 years of cramped captivity.

A spokesperson for the campaign against animal cruelty PETA says Lily the bear had been living at a roadside zoo in Maryland, USA, in a cage that was too small for comfort.

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She was constantly stepping in piles of her own waste on a concrete floor and experts say she was morbidly obese because of a lack of exercise.

PETA urged the zoo to retire her to a sanctuary and the zoo finally agreed. Lily was taken to The Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado where having so much room to walk around was almost a shock to her!

Things will get even better for Lily because she'll soon move to a much larger habitat, free of concrete and full of nature.