Madame Tussauds uses yak hair for Trump waxwork

Donald Trump wax figure uses yak hair

If you really want to give the new US President Donald Trump a piece of your mind face-to-face - then Madame Tussauds will be giving you the option by unveiling his waxwork in time for his inauguration.

Sculptors are beavering away behind the scenes at the top London attraction trying to get one finished as a priority now the businessman-turned-reality TV star has won the US election.

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The styling team had already been practising before today hard to recreate Trump's infamous hairstyle - and they have settled on using Yak hair to imitate his bouffant style.

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The yak is a long-haired cattle-like animal found throughout the Himalaya region - and is popular as far away as Russia.

The sculptors had also been working on a waxwork of Hillary Clinton in the last few days - last night's result having been too early to call.

The clay sculpture of the 45th president is at present just Trump's head, with the body to follow.

Work on finishing it began in earnest this morning as soon as the result was known.


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But unusually, it's not the first time for either candidate.

Indeed, this is the first time in Madame Tussauds' history that both presidential candidates have already had wax figures made of them – with Hillary Clinton's (in 2006) and Donald Trump's (in 1997) both currently on show in the US.

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Before the result was in, the general manager of Madame Tussauds London Edward Fuller said: "It's certainly an interesting time for us to be making a figure of a new President of the United States.

"To ensure it is ready in time for Inauguration Day next year, the talented studios team have created two clay sculpts ready to make the winning candidate as soon as the results are in."

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The Madame Tussauds exhibitions in New York, Orlando, and Washington DC are also understood to be working on creating their own waxworks of Donald Trump asap.

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Now check out the slideshow below - surely the worst waxworks ever made?

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