Lion attacks group on 'horseback safari'

Rosie Vare
Lion attacks horse safari
Lion attacks horse safari

Dramatic footage of a lion causing a rider to fall off his horse during a "horseback safari" in Botswana.

The video, filmed last October in the Okavango Delta, shows the crew riding across grassland when suddenly a lioness begins chasing them.

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The filmer later wrote online: "We were riding in the grassland and our guide suddenly saw the male lion (previously hidden behind a termite mound) very close on our left.

"When we (quickly) turned to ride away from him, a lioness popped out from behind some bushes and began to pursue our group."

"One of the horses cut in front of my husband's horse, and he pushed off to avoid potentially getting trampled underfoot," he continued.

"When he emerged from the water, he found himself virtually face to face with the lioness."

Luckily, she decided he wasn't the lunch she wanted and he was able to safely retreat back to our guide.